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My training during my formative years was in the Vazhuvoor Style of Bharathnatyam. When Amma started teaching my daughter, I learned she followed the Pandanallur style. What I noticed was Amma had a unique presentation that was a distillation of the Pandanallur style to a higher sense of perfection and technical brilliance. This not only elevated the dancer to a newer level of emotional transference, but the nuances transformed the dancer on stage which reflected on how the performances were received by the audience. From the time Amma accepted me as a student, the next three years were nothing but sheer bliss, soaking in her teachings and immersing in her style. Whether it was going to dance before or after a hard day’s work, I could not wait to see her and get into rhythm. Her energy and passion for dance is contagious and missing a dance class due to a work schedule conflict only made you want it more the very next opportunity. To me personally, training under a Guru like Amma is like doing a penance. It is akin to receiving a blessing from the Almighty. What it takes from us is desire, discipline and dedication. Just like the Ever Compassionate Mother Goddess, is always ready to embrace us in her arms and nurture our needs, so too is “Amma” who is ready to accept us as we are and help us reach our goal. In this bargain, without doubt, the student benefits far beyond his/her merit. And it is the gracious glance of our Guru that keeps the flame burning within us for dance. Thank you Amma, for giving me the confidence to pursue my dreams, and guiding me through these years both on- and off-stage.
Chandrika Srinivasan - Senior student - Louisville, KY

Writers have the profound ability to express themselves, translate their emotions, and describe their experiences in the form of words. They deliver the promise of art through their specific medium of expression. Being a dancer, my medium of expression is dance. Therefore, it is rather difficult to convey my sentiments through just words, as I have been asked to do here. Living in the United States, I was never constantly surrounded by Indian culture. However, my mother, Chandrika Srinivasan, exposed me to Bharathnatyam at the age of 4, hoping to share with me a part of my own culture, tradition, and religion. I started going to dance class regularly because my mom insisted I go, for I did not yet know the value of this ancient art form. In 2006, I was blessed to start classes with Vasundhara Amma, and at that time I had no idea what a profound effect she would have on me in the years to come. Through the process of training for my Rangapravesham and continuing to learn in the years following, I have gained self-worth as well as respect and appreciation for dance and my elders. However, the depth of my love for this art is all due to my Guru. She has crafted me with her own hands into the dancer and person I am today. Her expertise in the arts, her discipline to accept nothing but one’s best and her caring nature to help one attain his/her goal is the Amma we all know and love. For this reason, everything I do, both on and off the dance floor, is dedicated to her. Other than my father and my own mother, Vasundhara Amma is responsible for my passion, growth, and success - today, and in the future.
Neha Srinivasan - Senior Student, Louisville KY

Vasundhara Amma has played a significant role in my life as not only a dance teacher but also as a mother and a role model. Throughout the years that she has come to visit us in the United States, she has maintained her vision for us as her students and has kept us focused. The love and compassion that exists in the relationship between Amma and us, as her students, exceeds that of a student-teacher relationship. She is the perfect embodiment of a teacher: caring and compassionate, but at the same time strict to correct errors and set us on the correct path. Every year that Amma comes to visit us, our relationship grows and my love for her persists. She will forever be a person with a large impact on my life and a person whom I respect and care about. Thank you, Manasaa Kannan and Chithra Ram
Manasaa Kannan - Senior Student from Louisville,(USA)

She has been a powerful bridge between classical dance, Yoga, Folk and Martial Arts.
Dr.M.Surya Prasad - Renowned Music and Dance Critic

Vasundhara is a complete artiste, deeply involved in her art. Much remains to be done by all of us to celebrate this great artist.
Rajeev Taranath - Sarod Exponent

Vasundhara is a multifaceted personality with deep knowledge of our classical art who I have the pleasure of being associated for the past twenty years.
Saroja Vaidyanathan - Noted Bharatanatyam Dancer / Teacher

She is not a person, but an "institution" by herself.
K.V.Murthy - President - VPAC Trust

I am quite aware of your tireless involvement in promoting and propagating Indian classical dance and culture which is really praiseworthy.
Dr.Vyjayantimala Bali - Noted Bharatanatyam Dancer and ex-Rajyasabha Member

I have known Vasundhara for 40years and amazed at her dedication and contribution to Bharatanatyam. Many contratulations on her silver jubilee and all the best for her future endavours.
Abdul Halim Jaffer Khan - Padmabushan - Sitar Exponent

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